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When You Might Want to Rebase a Feature Branch

Is git rebase a command to be avoided at all cost? I say no. Here’s one use case where I reach for rebase instead of merge.

Repeat Last Argument at Command Line

Here’s a handy tip when you want to rename a file with a long path/name and don’t want to retype it twice.

What Are Your Important Tasks Today?

Many of us have a seemingly endless backlog of tasks we could be doing. How can you figure out what’s most important, and use that decision to bring focus to your day?

Benefits of Keeping a Work Journal

Many developers feel overwhelmed with the amount of work they want to get done each day. Or they feel pulled in multiple directions and struggle to make progress on the important things. I can totally relate! One thing that helped me is keeping a work journal.

New Laravel Migration Shortcuts for Foreign Keys

While everyone is loving the features in the new Laravel 8 release this week, I just discovered something cool I missed in Laravel 7.

Choosing the Right HTTP Status Code

Do you ever get frustrated when you call an API and it sends back an inappropriate HTTP status code? I never want my APIs to be a source of frustation, so I’ll share a recent debate I had with myself as to which status code was the best.

Todo Tests Are Not Cheating

Why would you ever mark a test as todo? Isn’t that devaluing your tests? Not at all! I’ll share some ways I use todo tests effectively.

Laravel 8 Factory Relationships

A couple days ago, I walked through a few potential gotchas with relationships in Laravel factories. Let’s see how it works in Laravel 8.

Why to Consider Fathom Analytics Before macOS Big Sur Is Released

The forthcoming release of macOS 11 (Big Sur) provides one more compelling reason to move to Fathom Analytics.

Understanding Relationships in Laravel Factories

What’s the best way to define a relationship in your Laravel factories? I’ll share some tips that will help you avoid some common pitfalls, as well as give you a deeper insight into how factories work.