A modern approach to PHP development

This year at That Conference, I presented one of the few talks on PHP. The title of the talk was “A modern approach to PHP development.” My goal was to expose both PHP and non-PHP developers to some more recent developments in the PHP ecosystem.

Speaking of non-PHP developers, I was pleasantly surprised to see about a dozen .NET developers attend the talk. The opening keynote that day was by Dave Thomas and he promoted the idea of exposing yourself to things outside your normal interests. I know for myself, I really enjoy attending polyglot conferences for that very reason.

The slides are posted on Speaker Deck. I have to warn you in advance that very little content is in the slides. Most of it was me speaking from my experience on how I’ve used the tools and how they made my development more efficient, higher quality and more fun. I did type up some speaker notes and exported those as part of the slide deck, to give a little context to the slides.