Major blog update!

Apologies in advance, dear RSS reader. I’ve migrated platforms and as a result, you may see a bunch of old posts in your feed. In exchange for this minor inconvenience, I have good news to report on the future of this blog.

It’s hard to believe, but my last blog post was THREE years ago. In that time, I’ve learned several new languages, including my new all-time favorite: Elm. Take a look at my speaking page, and you can see how much Elm love I’ve been spreading!

One reason I haven’t blogged much lately is friction from my previous tool: Octopress. I was using an older version, on an even older version of Ruby. Meanwhile, I got a new computer and that tooling was fragile to setup again. Instead of sinking time into getting Octopress working again, I took the plunge and ported my blog to the amazing Hugo. Quite the opposite of a fragile build environment, Hugo is a cross-platform Go binary. I don’t even need Go installed on my system. No more excuses for me!

I have a number of blog posts in the works, and my goal is to publish one a week. See you soon!