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Understanding Wildcard Notation in Laravel Validation

Array validation in Laravel is very powerful, but sometimes it might not do exactly what we expect when we’re dealing with multidimensional arrays and wildcard notation. Let’s dig into a real-world example to see how it works internally and deepen our understanding of this feature along the way.

Validating File Upload Arrays in Laravel

Let’s say you have an HTML form with 3 file inputs named certificate[], and you want to make them all required. Should be pretty easy, right?

Digging Deeper Into Laravel Password Validation

Recently, a powerful new validation rule was added to Laravel to enforce password strength and security. There have been several great articles on how to use it, but this article will dive deeper and shed some light on how it works internally.

Understanding Dot Notation in Laravel Validation

Laravel validation supports “dot notation” to let you validate arrays in a request. But what if your field name contains a literal dot?

Know Your Users

Ask most developers a question and you’ll often hear the phrase “it depends”. While it can be annoying, there’s a truth to it. Let’s consider an example of how knowing who your typical user is can affect even basic decisions like how to validate a request.